March 22, 2011
Well it's 2011 and we're starting out the year right... with a whole lot of releases! Hailing from Troy, N.Y. it's Brick by Brick and they are back at it again. This time they bring us their latest work entitled "Severed Ties". If you liked their last album, you won't want to miss this one. Second we have Death Becomes Her's Spare Change debut, "Last Chance For Forgiveness". With guest vocals by Frankie Palmeri of Emmure on the title track and some seriously brutal riffs, this CD is sure to kill! Last, but not least, we have Burning The Memory's second release on Spare Change entitled "Affirmations". These guys have really defined a sound for themselves on this one, and it simply must be heard. Check out all 3 band's artist pages' for more information and tour dates and as always stay tuned for more news!
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May 2, 2010
We apologize for the lack of updates, but there's been a lot going on in the Spare Change camp.

First off, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to Death Becomes Her. Their new album will be out shortly. It's heavier than your grandmother's depends! Be sure to check them out and visit their MySpace page for tour dates near you.

Second, Burning the Memory has a new album that is also almost complete. The artwork is now being done by none other than Mike D. of Killswitch Engage. This one is gonna blow your socks off. And your shirt, and your drawers! Stay tuned, this will be out shortly as well.

Last but not least, the Shrouds album is done and just waiting for artwork. Stay tuned for more details. More releases to follow.

Thanks for the support.

Happy New Year! We hope everybody had a safe holiday season. To start the year off right, and since downloads have takin over cd sales worldwide, we have decided to slash our prices. Check em out. Pick up a cd or two. We have a handful of releases in store for 2010 So be sure to check back. As always, thanks for the support.

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

We would like to announce the signing of Long Island, New York's Burning The Memory. The band's new album, "So Long The Dreamer," will be available April 7th, 2009. Visit their myspace page and check them out.

Brick By Brick is in the studio!! The follow up to "Wings of Angels" is being recorded as we speak. Keep you ears peeled!

Maegahira's new release, "The Stark Arctic" is out now. It's been getting some great reviews too. Check out the Feb. '09 issue of Metal Maniacs for one of them. Thanks to George.

Speakin' of Metal Maniacs... Negative Reaction received a great review of "Tales From The Insomniac" in the Jan. '09 issue. Check that out as well. And that you JJ for that one.

When The Deadbolt Breaks and Spare Change Records will be in Maryland and New Jersey in Feb. at a pair of shows. Visit both of our booths. Buy some merch. Support underground/independent music. Make sure you visit all our bands' show dates page to see them live near you.

Thanks for the support!

We would like to announce the addition of Maegashira to the Spare Change family. If you noticed a few months ago, we had their cd up for pre-order and that was it. Well, it's official now so check out their page, mp3, myspace, and all that good stuff to find out what they are about. If you're into doom, stoner rock, and atmospheric metal, then they are your new favorite band!!

It took some time, but we did it. We would like to thank Gred D. at Relapse Records for believing in us! Within the next few weeks, Relapse will be carrying our most recent releases. If things go well, I'm sure they will pick up more. Buy from them! Get us out there!

If you're in CT, be sure to visit the stores on our distributor page. I was able to make the trek out to them last week and all of them are finally up to date on our complete discography. Go there! Tell 'em we sent ya.

As much as I hate to say it, the holidays are just around the corner. This means that you should buy at least ten of every release to give as gifts to your friends, family, enemies, and yourself. We've lowered our shipping and prices on most of our items in our Ebay store as well so now is the time to buy. Thanks for the support!!
We would like to welcome Rhode Island's, "Hot Buttered Anal" to the Spare Change Family. Their new cd "Lies" will be out October 7th. 17 tracks of angry, twisted metal with a message to the liars, a warning to the masses, and a refusal to conform. Be sure to pick up their self-released cd, "Please Kill Me", now available in our webstore.

The new cd, "Kill The Silence", by Our Final Chapter is also out now. Pick up a copy today!

As always, more in the works. You'll be the first to know.
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We've got a lot going on here and we've been busy as hell.

First, we have three killer releases out now! Eden A.D.'s, "Cycle Of Relevence", Negative Reaction's, "Tales From The Insomniac", and Plan For The Sorrow's, "I Am The Devil". Check em out! Buy em! All of them will be on itunes and in our distributors hands soon, if they aren't already. Be sure to check our distributors page.

Second, the new albums by End-Time Illusion, "Eminent Profane", and Our Final Chapter, "Kill The Silence" are up now. OFC will hit Sept.11th, 2008. Not a tuesday? Buy the cd, you'll know why.

Thirdly, we just caught wind yesterday that Brick by Brick have eight songs written for their new album scheduled to be releases sometime in '09.

And lastly, OFC will be sharing the stage with Shadows Fall Aug. 31st, 2008. This is toward the end of their tour. Be sure to visit the "tour dates" page to see an SCR band near you.

Thanks for the support. Without you, we're even more broke!
We have some new signings and new distributors. Check out the bands, upcoming releases, and distributors page for more details. The official release dates will be posted soon. For now, you can pre-order the albums/t-shirts now. Some might just ship to you the same day (hint, hint)! More news coming very soon!