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We told you it'd be soon, and here it is... We are more than excited to announce the signing of Brooklyn, N.Y.'s, Eden A.D. to our roster. Their sound brings together all that is metal with maybe even a touch of a little European influence. The full length album, "Cycles Of Relevance", will be out in early '08. You can check them out at For fans of A Life Once Lost, Soilwork, In Flames, Raunchy, and more!
Our Final Chapter are finishing up their second full length for Spare Change as you read this. Tracking and editing should be finished next month. Then, only mastering and pressing remain. Look for an early '08 release date for that as well.

Thanks to Alex and Nick at for the When The Deadbolt Breaks/Negative Reaction review. They seem to love it. You should too! Word is, a review for A Day Of Pigs' album, "Lecherous", is coming soon.
Metal Maniacs!! We also heard that WTDB will be in the next issue! That's the January one. Buy it, read it, then come back and buy the record!

We have roughly seven more releases lined up for '08 so far. Just sorting out some details, but you'll be the first to know, so check back often. Thanks for the continued support.

Oh yeah... Almost forgot. It's our three year anniversary. To celebrate, all dvds, records, used cds, tshirts, and Spare Change releases are 10% off in our Ebay store until Dec. 15th. Click the link at the bottom of this page. Buy away!!
We are more than excited today to announce the signing of New Jersey's A Day Of Pigs! Their debut cd "Lecherous" hits the streets November 13th 2007 and it's a monster of a record. For fans of Mastodon, Sweet Cobra, Down, and more!
Check out a track on the SC Radio or visit the bands for more. You can pre-order the cd now and it will ship early, so why wait?

Another new distributor is here!! Totalrust Music from Israel has picked up most of our stuff and we have some of theirs as well in our Ebay store. Check 'em out!!

As always, more great news to come. New signings in the works, new distributors, new shows, etc.
We'd like to send out a big thanks to Surprise Attack Records. They are now carrying all of our releases. Check em out! We will also be distributing a lot of their releases as well. They should be in and up on our site soon. We are also a distributor for Prosthetic Records now. Remember... The more you buy, the more bands we sign! Thanks for the support!
So much news...So liitle time. Next time. It'll be worth the wait. New Distributor in the works, new bands, reviews, and more!!! Thanks for the support!
We are happy to tell you that The End Records has decided to carry all of our releases. You can visit their distro site at Thanks to Mike for believing in us. Go to there site. BUY!!!!
Pristina's new cd, Boner Jams '07 (The Harpooned Heart) is out now!! It's getting some good airplay and reviews should be out shortly. If you haven't heard it, call your local college or satellite radio station and request it. Check out their interview by Nothing But A Beatdown out of France ( Thanks to them for taking their timeout for a little one on one. Check out for some sounds. Come back here or visit our distributors' page and order the cd. Don't forget we're on itunes!

The Crematorium limited edition picture discs are in and they are HOT! We figured why wait until the official release date? Order them today! They'll ship tomorrow! Their U.S. tour is approaching fast so be sure to go out and support at a venue near you.

The When The Deadbolt Breaks / Negative Reaction split will be here soon. You can pre-order it now! Be the first kid on your street to beat the heat. Limited edition t-shirts are up now as well. Order your package deal today! Save a few bucks! Jay Snyder of took some time out to interview Aaron Lewis of WTDB as well. Visit their site and check it out. Thanks goes out to them as well.

On a sad note, Pat, lead singer of Our Final Chapter, was unintentionally injured while "in the pit" of the Pig Destroyer show last Friday night in New London, CT. His jaw was broken and he'll have temporary short term memory loss for 6-12 months. The doctors say he will have a full recovery, he just needs some time to heal. Their upcoming album will be postponed most likely until the winter or early spring. Our heart goes out to Pat and we ask that you send your love to

Don't forget all our other bands. View their show dates and show your support. They're all playing shows other than Torn Asunder (R.I.P). Thanks to all. Until next time...
More exciting new! Mark and the guys at PsycheDoomelic Records have agreed to co-release the upcoming When The Deadbolt Break and Negative Reaction split. It will be out August 21st, 2007. You can pre-order it now! Thanks Mark. This will be our first release to hit Europe so we're very pumped about that to say the least.
Just about one month away from Pristina - Boner Jams '07 (The Harpooned Heart), from hitting the streets. Pre-order yours today.

The Crematorium limited edition 12" picture disc for "The Process of Endtime" is also up for Pre-order now. There is a special package deal with a t-shirt offer as well with only 50 available. Get them before they're gone. A very few will be available on their upcoming tour as well. Don't expect these to last long. Visit for tour dates.

Thanks for the support. More projects in the works.
It was a wild ride but all great things must come to an end. Torn Asunder has officially disbanded. Most notable for their blistering 2006 New England Metal and Hardcore festival performance, the group has decided to part ways. There is no bad blood between any members and the future is yet unclear. We wish everyone luck in their future endeavors. If you haven't picked up "Recollections" yet do it now. The cd won't be repressed and we're sure they won't last. *Also available on itunes.

On the brighter side. The artwork, handled by Jason Hobart of H-Design, has been completed for the long awaited Crematorium picture disc for "The Process of Endtime". More details to come, but look for roughly an August release date.

Don't forget to check out Pristina at .
The new album hits 06/05/07. Pre-order it today!
We are excited to announce an addition to the Spare Change Roster! Pristina, a new band featuring former members of 100 Demons, Invocation of Nehek and Dry Kill Logic. The group's debut album, "Boner Jams (The Harpooned Heart)", will be released this spring.

Vocalist Brendan K. Duff had the following to say: "Basically we cannot stand the mediocre hair-and-pants bands that somehow pass for metal or metalcore, or what have you these days. We identify with older greats like Bloodlet, Starkweather, Rorshach, Today Is The Day and Deadguy. We're definitely not for everyone, but fans of the aforementioned bands finally have an alternative to the garbage that these current bands are forcing down our throats."
Happy new year! Hope everyone had a great holiday. 2007 looks like it's going to be better than ever. If you haven't noticed already, we decided to extend the combined shipping sale on ebay until the end of Feb. due to the overwhelming response. Now's the time to save.

We've lowered our shipping and handling fees on our webstore.

We want you to buy our releases. What a better way than to lower our prices? We'd also like to welcome lambgoat records to our distro. We've had em in our ebay and amazon stores for awhile but we finally got em up on our site. We also have Brick By Brick's last album now. If you don't have it yet, pick it up. If you are missing any of our cds from your collection, then pick those up as well.

Thanks for the continued support.

P.S. Check out our ad in the Feb. 2007 issue of Revolver Magazine.
We've got a lot of exciting news this month! First, we'd like to welcome the Toxic Field Mice to the Spare Change roster. The Toxic Field Mice have been around since 1992. They have been The Hartford Advocate's best hard rock band 7 years in a row, before getting retired from the competion to give other bands a shot at the prestigious title. Their cd, "Nobody Cried When Jaws Died", on Retaliate Records, went triple platinum! It was also nominated for a grammy and the band won the title of "Breakthrough artist of the year!" Be sure to check them out at Buy their cd!!

Secondly, Our Final Chapter's cd will be out in just a few short weeks. You can order their cd now! They will be shipped before the Dec. 13th release date. Check them out at

The Brick By Brick cd release party was a success! We'd like to thank all the bands that played and the fans that came to support. If you still haven't picked up their cd, do it! You can here some tracks at

We've also got a lot of new titles in our ebay store. If you haven't check it out lately we suggest you do. We will also be running a special in December for the holidays with a shipping discount! Even better than the one that's up now!

As always, thanks for the support. You keep us alive!
New Signing!!
- We'd like to welcome Our Final Chapter to the Spare Change line-up. Their new album will be out towards the end of the year and we'll let you know when we get a confirmed date. For now, you can check them out at

Be sure to check out our tour dates page to see them and all of our bands at a venue near you.

The Brick By Brick cd release party has been postponed until Oct.28th. Be sure to make that one. The line-up is insane!

We also have a ton of new releases in our distro.
Check out our ebay store!
Well, a lot has been going on in the Spare Change camp. Since our last update, End-Time Illusion has a great review in the Sept. 2006 issue of Metal Maniacs. Congrats to the boys! Wasn't it obvious? If you haven't picked up a copy of "So Below" yet, then do it. You won't be disappointed. They also had a great show the other night with none other than Killswitch Engage! If you missed it, you blew it. Next time go!

Next, but certainly not least, we'd like to welcome Brick By Brick to the Spare Change Roster. The hardcore band from Troy, NY is scheduled to release their yet untitled cd in the next few months to come! They mix their own blend of hardcore and metal to win over fans of both styles, and this is one cd you'll want to pick up. Check out their myspace page ( and website ( for show dates and news on them.

We also have a few more signing in the works, but we don't want to jump the gun. We let you know when the deals are inked!
Lastly, we've gotten your emails and yes, WE ARE!!! The Acacia Strain's, "The Dead Walk" will be put out by none other than on a limited edition 12" picture disc. The details are still being ironed out but we believe it will be a run of only 500!! Pre-order's will be up when the date gets near.

Thanks for all the support!
It's been a little hectic here at the SCR camp. WE MOVED!! Our P..O. Box is still the same but we've been a little backed up to say the least and we apologize for delays in responding to emails, etc. We will be settled in a week or too so hang in there.

Congratulations to Torn Asunder and The Acacia Strain who had blistering performances at the NEMHF. Rumor has it TA sparked some major indie (if that makes sense) label interest. We've got our fingers crossed for 'em.

When The Deadbolt Break's new cd, "In The Ruins, There Shall Be No Light" is out now! Pick it up. You won't be disappointed. It's already starting to turn some heads from fands and labels worldwide.
Visit our tour dates page to see a SCR band near you!

And don't forget, Torn Asunder's, The End-Time Illusion's, (and When The Deadbolt Break's in several weeks) cds are available for download on i-tunes, napster, aol, and a ton of other digital distribution sites. Download them today. Then buy the real thing!

Thanks for the continued support!
We've got a lot of exciting news, so we'll cut to the chase. First, we are very proud to add the CT band When The Deadbolt Breaks, featuring Aaron Lewis of Cable,  to the Spare Change roster. Their new CD has a tentative release date of May 30th. For now, you can check out a track on the SC radio, or visit our Myspace page. Tour dates to follow soon, so be sure to check back for a venue near you!

Secondly, The Acacia Strain's, "3750", limited LP is here. We still have some of the autographed hand numbered copies left, so don't let them slip away. Order yours today. They are also heading out on tour with some great bands so be sure to check them out!!
Torn Asunder's, "Recollections", is now available for download on i-tunes, napster, and a ton of other sites as well. Don't forget to pick up the cd in our webstore as well.

We hope you had a happy holiday and new year!! 2006 looks like it will be another great year with more releases to come. Stay tuned and thanks for the support!!
It's here!! The new album by the End-Time Illusion, "So Below" is in!! Listen to a track on the radio or visit our myspace page to hear two of them. Like what you hear? We know you do! Then pick up a copy on our webstore page! Don't forget to visit our tour dates page to hear a SCR band near you! We just got word, that not only will be putting out The Acacia Strain album, "3750" on vinyl, but we will be putting out there new album on vinyl as well. We're still months away from that, but 3750 will be here soon enough. Check back for more updates as release dates will unfold. Thanks for the support!!
It's almost here!! Due to circumstances beyond our control, The End-Time Illusion cd, "So Below", is a little behind schedule. We just received word that it will be in our hands no later than next week.

Our good friends from Prosthetic Records have done it again. The Acacia Strains, "3750" album will be released by none other than, as a Limited edition 12" LP. 800 will be on black, and 200 will be on black and clear. We will also have a website exclusive and 50 of the black and clears will be autographed by the band. A date hasn't been set but we're shooting for February for this release. Thanks to TAS and Prosthetic for making this happen.

If you've looked at our "releases" page, you'll also notice another release. The Dolemite Project, featuring Dan (vocalist of Crematorium), on guitar, will be putting out a split 7" with none other than Torn Asunder. This will follow up The Acacia Strain album shortly.

Next but not least, we are still putting out the Limited edition picture LP for Crematorium's "The Process of Endtime". If things go right, it also, will follow shortly. Thanks for all the support. Things have been going great so far!!
It's been a little while but here we go. The End-Time Illusion cd, "So Below" is less than a month away. You can pre-order it on our webstore page.

Torn Asunder is now available in the northeast at Hot Topic. If you haven't picked it up already, you can get a copy at these fine locations:

Natick Mall (MA), Emerald Square (MA), Holyoke Mall (MA), Eastfield Mall (MA), Milford Post Mall (CT), Brass Mills Mall (CT), Buckland Hills Mall (CT), West Farms Mall (CT), South Shore Mall (MA), Cape Cod (MA), Crystal Mall (CT).

Within the next month, it will also be available for download on i-tunes, napster, and a ton of others. Don't want to spend all your money? Download it first. You'll love it so much, you'll want to pick up the cd afterwards anyway.

You can also order the cd online from our good friends at Very. A big thanks goes out to John and Jamie!! Check out there site at In the next few weeks to come, Century Media, will also have it up for sale. They are also old friends of ours. Thanks to John, Bert, George, and all the CM staff for believing in our vision.

As always, we have a lot of new and old releases in our ebay store. Be sure to drop by and visit. To date, we haven't made a penny yet. All the money goes right back into our inventory and signing new bands, so by all means, support.

The limited edition Crematorium picture disc LP is still in the works. As soon as we have more details on an actual release date we will let you know.

We also just got confirmation from Prosthetic Records and The Acacia Strain, that we will be putting out there album, "3750" on a limited edition vinyl. More details on this as plans unfold.
Thanks again! - Roman
Spare Change Records is proud to announce the addition of The End-Time Illusion to our roster. The new album, "So Below", is scheduled for a December 13th release date. You can listen to a track off of the upcoming album here, or visit the bands myspace page for more.

As most of you now know, "Recollections", by Torn Asunder is now out! The response so far has been nothing but heavy!! If you haven't picked it up yet, visit our webstore page and order yourself up a copy or three for your friends as well. We are going to be at the Rock and Shock Convention October 8th and 9th in Worcester, MA. Be sure to visit our booth and say hello. We are going to have a ton of metal for sale and more! Visit for more info. It's gonna be one hell of a time!! Stay tuned for more release info coming soon and thank you for the continued support.
Just wanted to tell everyone that although the cd's weren't ready, Torn Asunder's show Sept. 11th was off the hook. Members of Shadows Fall, Crowbar, ex- All That Remains, Scar Culture, and even Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, Stiilborn Records, MTV fame, were all there to check out the onslaught. The rope was there and it was insane! We were able to whip up a "limited edition" cd for the show as well. It has incredible new artwork, a bonus track, and they are individually hand numbered. There were only 100 made and we were able to get our hands on a few. They're up in our ebay store now. Go get 'em!! We also have a lead on another band in the works. Stay tuned!! \m/
September 13th is right around the corner and you know what that means! The new album by Torn Asunder, "Recollections", hits the streets. Visit our tour page to see Torn Asunder live at a venue near you. September 11th is a date you won't want to miss as Torn Asunder has there CD release party at Cabot Street, in Chicopee, MA. Will the rope be there? Go and find out. Don't know what we're talking about? All the more reason to be there.

We told you we had our next release in the works and here it is. Spare Change Records, with permission from our friends at Prosthetic Records, would like to announce our second release. A Limited Edition 12" picture disc of the new Crematorium album "The Process of Endtime". This album kicks @%*!! The release date as of this time is still unscheduled. We'll keep you posted as things unfold. And as if the LP alone isn't enough, it is going to have at least one unreleased bonus track on it too!! A big thanks go out to our friends in Crematorium! Visit their site @ .

The artwork for the picture disc is being handled by Jason Hobart. He's done artwork for bands as Scar Culture, Mourn Makes Movement, 8 Trak Mind, and many more as well. Not to mention all the other things (like a toy coming out soon). He's also the one responsible for the artwork on the new Torn Asunder CD, "Recollections". If you're interested in having something done, visit our "company info" page for his contact information. All things and all forms....metal!!! \m/
Well, it's been almost two since our website launched and so far the response has been nothing but past our expectations. We have some new tour dates up for Torn Asunder so make sure you check out the tours page and get to a show. "Recollections" is only two months away so mark your calenders!! Another release is in the works and soon to follow.
More details to come. Thank you! \m/
Welcome to the official site of Sparechange Records. We are an independent record label and store dedicated to giving the world the best music at the best prices. We are not a company trying to cash in on the latest trend. We are involved in the "scene."

Take a look around the site and then go drop your feedabck on the Spare Change message board.

Check out our artists page to get to know our first band Torn Asunder.