Toxic Field Mice formed in 1992. Based out of Hartford, CT, their sound is modern heavy, rock, sarcastic, introspective, and dark, yet uplifting for suicidal drinking music. They have shared the stage with Type O Negative, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Clutch, Overkill, Sick of it All, Godsmack, Tree, Staind, Life of Agony, and more! With their first full length album since 1998, TFM are ready, refreshed, and still drinking.
Alcohol Poisoning
December 26th 2006

1. Inn
2. Everyone
3. Slide
4. The Enemy
5. Six Packs
6. Into The Ground
7. Sorry
8. Dissolved
9. King of Denial
10. Oh My God
11. Birthday Suicide
12. Last Call
13. Alcohol Poisoning
14. No More

Oh My God.mp3
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