"Heavy as fuck groove oriented death metal with hellish thick, crunchy rhythms that are punishing and pit friendly," (Brutalized Zine #7). This is how TORN ASUNDER has been described time and time again. The release of their debut EP "In Painful Remembrance" has been well received, getting great reviews in such underground publications as Brutalized, Pernicious, Bast, Metal Mafia, and Death-Core as well as interviews in Mutilated Mag, and Synapse Zine (Philippines), just to name a few.

Originally formed in early 1996, founding members Micah London (guitar), Jimmy Bendezu (drums), and Johnny Bendezu (bass) met up with vocalist Rusty Kupyar. These 4 individuals began writing material, and established a foundation from which to work.

TORN ASUNDER began playing local shows in 1997, and landed their first major show in May of 1998 opening for INTERNAL BLEEDING. 1998 was a busy year for TORN ASUNDER. Aside from playing many shows, they journeyed into the studio to record the "In Painful Remembrance" EP which would be released on Lifeless Records of Holyoke, MA. December 1998 saw TORN ASUNDER in Burlington, VT playing to 300+ kids, with a warm, pit-heaving greeting!

Early 1999 saw the release of the "In Painful Remembrance" EP. Their CD release party was with INCANTATION, ANGELCORPSE, and KRISIUN (Brazil). In early May, TORN ASUNDER played the first annual New England Metal and Hardcore Fest. TORN ASUNDER played to approximately 250 kids that showed just how pit friendly TORN ASUNDER truly is. The show was so crazy, vocalist Rusty had to go to the emergency room to receive 4 stitches on his right thumb.

Within months of its release, "In Painful Remembrance" began receiving airtime on stations all along the East Coast. In fact, The CD was the number 1 'hard rock' album for 2 1/2 weeks at Elon College in North Carolina, and made it to the number one position on WTCC's (MA) top 30!

During the next 2 years, TORN ASUNDER had played alongside a variety of acts including MALEVOLENT CREATION, CRYPTOPSY, CANDIRIA, SHADOWS FALL, IMMOLATION, SKINLESS, MAYHEM, ALL OUT WAR, GOD FORBID, JUNGLE ROT, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, MORTICIAN, EXHUMED and MUSHMOUTH just to name a few. TORN ASUNDER has also ventured out into the New England area, playing CT, MA, NY, ME, VT, RI and NJ to very receptive crowds. They have also played the first and second annual New England metal and Hardcore Fest in Worchester, MA and were well received both times playing to packed rooms. The CD, as well as the band, has been receiving great reviews.

With the demise of fellow scenesters 6thirty7, guitarist Metal Steve Ghazil was recruited to fill the empty slot of second guitarist. The addition of Steve brought TORN ASUNDER to a whole new level. The song writing progressed, the shows continued, and the decision was made to book time for the first full length.

However, it was about this time that the stresses of life began to pile, and not all members could dedicate the time needed to make TORN ASUNDER a full time commitment. So it was along side good friends KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, and Louisiana hard hitters CROWBAR that TORN ASUNDER bid farewell.

Spring 2004 began another chapter for TORN ASUNDER. Although school, work and bills are still ever present in our lives, the one thing that was missing was what we had given up to tackle life's issues... making music. Jimmy, Johnny, Micah, Steve and Rusty have reunited to continue where they had left off. TORN ASUNDER is back, and back with a vengeance, and the songwriting has progressed to a point where the music is the strongest it ever was. The month of March saw TORN ASUNDER in the studio, recording the album entitled "Recollections". After the recording, Micah stepped aside to fulfill his dreams of studying abroad in Japan, and long time friend Sean Gora (vocalist for End-Time Illusion) was recruited to fill the space of second guitarist. The album is done, and TORN ASUNDER shall now begin its conquest to embrace the rays of eternity.
November 1st 2005
01>Hope is for the Weak
02>Another Day
03>Words I Disavow
04>The Seventh Seal
07>Weights and Measures
Hope is for the weak
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