Hell bent on destroying the predictable, formulaic, stale metalcore fad, Pristina was originally formed in 2003 as a side project by Brendan K. Duff (vox - formerly of 100 Demons, A Thousand Falling Skies, Invocation of Nehek, Dry Kill Logic) and Jay Barnes (guitar - formerly of Born Under Saturn, Farewell Order) with every intention on crushing you and the crap you listen to. They parted ways in 2004 only to regroup in 2005 with a new line-up and even more petulance to create music that is intensely bitter and unapologetically grim. Now with Colin Squizton (guitar - formerly of Self Extinction), Mike Banfield (drums - formerly of Godsburn) and Ian McNulty (bass- formerly of Silenced) they are ready to kick ass and ruin your day. With lyrics that range from satirical to downright wrong, Pristina's crushing doom and morose conviction will leave you feeling as if you just got ass f**ked with a broken bottle, but loved every painful minute of it. Signed to Indie Label Spare Change Records in mid 2006, Pristina is working on their debut release. What should you expect? Let's just say that if the doors of hades opened up, this is who would be spit out to lay hell fire and damnation down upon us all.
Boner Jams 07: The Harpooned Heart
June 5th, 2007
01. Lady Baphomet
02. Vicodin Song
03. Fucking Destroyer
04. Trenches And Dogfaces
05. Lilith's Severed Head
06. 13
07. The Rat.The Pig.The Spider
08. Day Of Days
Lady Baphomet
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