In September of 2001 just days after the American people were sold out for a new world order Our Final Chapter was formed in the north east corner of Connecticut. Trapped in a scene full of trends the band started creating a sound like no other in their area. Founding and existing members Todd (guitar) and Pat (vocals) were committed to writing music that was original and creative rather than conforming to the latest trend or newest craze.

Over the years the band has seen many member changes but through these changes the band has only grown into more than just a metal band from CT. Our Final Chapter now consists of 6 members Pat (vocals), Justin (bass), Keith (drums), Todd (guitar), Jon (guitar), and Corey (guitar/keyboard). This line up is by far the strongest yet. All six members of OFC bring their influences, beliefs, and creative talents together to bring the listener on an emotional roller coaster combining anger and sadness with hope and truth through their ability to create an intense sound involving technical speed, brutal break downs, and emotional melodic riffs that touch every edge of the human psyche.

The band has built a strong foundation through their dedicated fans in CT and New England. Our Final Chapter has been playing shows through out the state of CT. as well as NY, MA, RI, and NJ. In the summer 2006 after five years of hard work and true dedication Our Final Chapter signed a two album deal with Spare Change Records home of Torn Asunder, End-Time Illusion, When the Deadbolt Breaks, and Brick By Brick. This is just the beginning for OFC. The band is releasing their debut album �From Hell to Higher Plains� and plans on releasing a second album with all new material by spring of 2007.

Our Final Chapter has shared the stage with bands such as Blood Has Been Shed, The Acacia Strain, Nora, Shai Hulud, Emmure, Cryptopsy, Skinless, Deicide, Invocation of Nehek, Hostage Heart, Torn Asunder, End-Time Illusion, Guerra, Today is The Day, The Red Chord, If I Had Eyes, A Thousand Falling Skies, Nientara, The Breathing Process, Shallow Water Grave, and many more talented bands.
Kill The Silence
September 11th, 2008

1. Gallery Of Naked Truth
2. Every Angel Becomes My Whore
3. Pretext For Fear
4. New World Order
5. Shadow Over America
6. Swimming Through Death
7. Return To The Void
8. Kill The Silence

From Hell to Higher Plains
December 26th 2006

1. Intro
2. Hermetically Sealed
3. Dead Soul Scene
4. Needle injecting whore
5. Ruptured
6. Memorania
7. Break Out of Your Prison
8. Higher Plains
9. Outro

Kill The Silence
Coming Soon...
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