Negative Reaction � Tales From The Insomniac

Call up Negative Reaction frontman/guitarist Ken-E Bones any day of the week and ask him how he�s doing and the answer will always be the same: �Shitty.� He could be holding a winning lottery ticket in one hand and a vanilla milkshake in the other and you�d still get an identical response.

Hailing from the soul-crushing suburban dystopia known as Long Island, NY, Negative Reaction�s brutal sludgecore has been informed by that very outlook since its inception in 1988. Spanning three decades of melding the piss-your-pants aggression of NYHC mavens Agnostic Front with the feedback mayhem of Eyehategod and the riff worship of Sleep, never before has their viciousness come to the surface as it does on Tales From The Insomniac.

With the equally charismatic/enigmatic Bones as The Insomniac in question, listeners are given a tour of a hate-fueled, resentful worldview on tracks like the blatant �Go Die,� �Worthless Human,� and �Hating Life Again.� The songs sound like the products of late nights spent banging fists into the wall, with all the rage and broken knuckles you�d expect to come from these sultans of sludge.

The soundtrack to your disillusion, Tales also represents Negative Reaction�s most varied album to date. Flute-infused closer �When They�re Gone� hits like that quiet moment in The Shining right before Jack Nicholson really loses it, and �A Wish To Dream� puts Fu Manchu�s heavy rock through a meatgrinder and ends up unlike anything the band has ever done before.

And still, call Ken-E. Ask him how he�s doing. �Shitty.�

There�s just no pleasing some people.
Tales from the Insomniac
June 24th 2008
  1. Go Die
  2. Sleep Clinic
  3. Worthless Human
  4. A Wish to Dream
  5. Woldchilds Dillusion
  6. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
  7. Hatin' Life Again
  8. The Ancient Secret of War
  9. When They're Gone
Go Die
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