Anger, sadness, failure, regret… and that is just the beginning. Hot Buttered Anal is a band that rejects mainstream ideology. They laugh at the double standard created by society while clenching their fists in rage. When those in control profit off of violence, sadness, and killing… yet point their fingers at H.B.A. as disturbed monsters… they are really looking in the mirror at themselves.

It is for these reasons that a group of friends formed in 2005 to vent their frustration at the system. And their cause is hopeless. Torn between the desire to speak up and effect change, and an uncontrollable urge to swim against the tide... they understand that their attempts are futile.

Even so, Hot Buttered Anal continues to make music. And it is music THEY want to make. In a day and age when fitting in a specific genre is so important… even in the so called, “underground”, H.B.A. refuse to conform. Thrash metal? Punk metal? Grind metal? Who knows? Who cares!

In April of 2007, Hot Buttered Anal released their debut Cd, “Please Kill Me”. And they were completely aware that some would not have a clue what they were attempting to do… which could not make the band happier. Even so, they have been featured in BW&BK, appeared in Pit Magazine, and trashed in Metal Maniacs… which still makes them laugh to this day.

H.B.A. could care less what other people think. If they did care, they would not be writing songs about shaving their mother’s beaver, gay cowboy robots, and killing people who piss them off. Yet somewhere in their songs, there is a message of importance that you may miss if you don’t look close enough.

2008 brings a new full length release entitled “Lies”. While H.B.A. has maintained their twisted, diverse approach to song writing… “Lies” is much angrier than their debut. Again teaming up with Revolution Creative, Hot Buttered Anal has attacked the senses both musically and visually. Yet it is all a waste of time.

Hot Buttered Anal is a lie. Just like most of the interactions you have with people everyday. Hot Buttered Anal is hate. Just like the hate you feel because your mother never really loved you. Hot Buttered Anal is failure. Just like the failure you feel when you look in the mirror. We understand… we understand.

Bob - guitar/vocals
Chris - drums
Ziggy - bass
October 7th 2008

1-We’re not retarded
3-Just try it
4-Choke the bitch
5-Time is the enemy
6-I want a girl…
7-No one left
8-Duct tape and sausages
10-The good old days
11-Everything sucks
12-Daddy’s little girl
13-World’s greatest dad
14-Dear God
15-Once upon a time
16-Where are the zombies
17-When I come

Time is the Enemy
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