Founded in 2002 by 3 guys with a passion for all things metal, End-Time Illusion has set out to perform sick sets filled with killer riffs, searing solos, and mass head banging. The E-TI sound encompasses thrash, grind, death, and speed laced with harmonies, pit riffs, and obscure scales. Expanding on the direction of Spare Change Records 2005 release “So Below”, 2008’s “Eminent Profane” has raised the bar for the five shredders that compose E-TI. Pleased with the fact that the scenes fascination with metalcore has subsided, E-TI’s mission is to be a driving force in the resurgence of true metal.
Eminent Profane
July 8th 2008
1. The Primal Instinct
2. Awaken The Soul Of Man
3. Circle of Lies
4. This Callous Hold
5. Corrosion Of Sanity
6. One Needle, Three Holes
7. Shotgun Symphony
8. Sinking Into Obscurity
9. As Above...
10. Surrounded By Deception
So Below
December 13th 2005
1. Adding Insult to Injury
2. A Day of Rest
3. Sweet Dystopia
4. So Below
5. I Think About Hurting
More Than Your Feelings
6. Legacy of Disgrace
7. Lies, Deceit, and Arrogance
8. Emancipation
9. Did You Swallow for That?
Circle Of Lies

Adding Injury to Insult

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