Eden A.D. have spent the last five years not only refining their songwriting and sharpening their live performance, but striving for music that can stimulate even the most jaded metalheads. Combining all things epic, dark, and heavy, their music aims for a unique edge through diverse song compositions, rather than contriving a new style. After years of ripping through the stages of New York City on a rigorous gig schedule and gaining the respect of the local scene, the band broadened their exposure through more long-distance shows, including a slot supporting God Forbid and Full Blown Chaos on their Puerto Rico Tour. Their first demo was praised for displaying the songwriting skill of an established signed band. For their follow-up, they expanded their influences but kept their focus on the integrity of song arrangements. This second demo caught the attention of Spare Change Records, who will be releasing the debut full-length, entitled Cycles of Relevance. The album brings all corners of Eden A.D.'s current soundscape together and is set for an early 2008 release.
Cycles of Relevance
March 17th 2008

1. Cycle
2. The Icarus Factor
3. Murder Ballad
4. Awaken
5. Lost Eden Chapter
6. Glass Eye Perception
7. Concrete Squire
8. Last Eden Chapter
9. Relevance

The Icarus Factor
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