Death Becomes Her was formed in late May 2008. The band consists of original members, Jason Graham - Vocals, Steve Brown - Guitar & Anthony Locastro- Drums. After several bass player changes Dan Vasek completed the band's lineup in Sept '10. Although DBH haven't been around for very long, they have been making a name for themselves in the heavy metal scene. DBH are known for blending the Death Metal, Hardcore, and Progressive genres. Their hard work has earned them the privilege of sharing the stage with such bands as Vital Remains, Rose Funeral, DevilDriver, CKY, and Behemoth to name a few. They released their self-titled EP in April 09 to much success. Death Becomes Her is the newest band to be signed to Spare Change Records and their debut release on the label "Last Chance For Forgiveness" has been very well received amongst the metal community. Keep an eye out for Death Becomes Her in the near future for they will be making an impact!

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Last Chance For Forgiveness
February 22 2011
  1. Cellophane Mask
  2. Left for Dead
  3. When Glory Turns to Bloodshed
  4. A Brutiful End
  5. 8 mins
  6. Complex
  7. You Are a Plague
  8. Last Chance for Forgiveness
  9. What Lies Ahead
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