Hailing from Troy, N.Y., Brick by Brick hit the scene in 2004 and immediately made an impact as a straight forward, no holds barred, hardcore assault machine. Wasting no time they began playing out as much as possible and quickly gained popularity, becoming a staple of their local hardcore scene. In the summer of 2004 they released a full length entitled "Pull the Trigger" on Stupid White Records. On this album BXB took from their earliest influences like Sick of it ALl and Agnostic Front and crossed them with newer genres such as Biohazard and Hatebreed, then added a dash og good 'ole Slayer to round off the mix. "Pull the Trigger" pulled no punches with plenty of daneceable parts and even the breakdowns have breakdowns.

Not content with dominating merely on a local level, Brick By Brick have spread their street-wise message all over the North-Eastern United States, sharing the stage with acts such as Anthrax, Neglect, Leeway, All That Remains, Motorgrater, Danny Diablo, Agents Of Man, Merauder and Harley's War.

Brick By Brick have been featured on various complilation CD's including Stillborn Records, Hardcore Street CD Volume 1 and have recently recorded new materialat the legendary Don Fury Studios, and are now looking for the right label to put it out.

The band made up of Mike Valente (guitar), Roy O'brien (drums), Sean Green (bass) and Rich Roberts (vocals), all of whom have more than paid their dues in the NY music scene, and are now ready to take on the world...
Severed Ties
January 25th 2011
  1. Can't Be Broken
  2. Cold Day In Hell
  3. Every Ounce Of Blood
  4. What Comes Around
  5. Liar
  6. One More Fistfight
  7. Steer You Wrong
  8. The Ultimate Price
  9. Your Weeping Eyes
  10. The Final Goodbye
Wings of Angels
September 13th 2006
  1. Never To Wake
  2. Infiltrate
  3. Numb With Anger
  4. Struggle
  5. Battleground
  6. Wings of Angels
  7. Toe To Toe
  8. Closed Casket
  9. From My Eyes
  10. "Live Bonus"
Never To Wake
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