Music is one of the most moving and profound things in life. Sometimes it can even consume you. After years of seeing countless numbers of local and national bands, and leaving shows feeling rejuvenated and inspired, 8 Trak Mind was conceived.

8 Trak Mind's first release, the three song EP - "Two Days" received considerable play on 90.7 WTCC with a six week run at No.1 on their top 30 chart. 8TM went back to Planet Z studios with Zuess and in July of 2001 released their first full length, "Plus One".

8 Trak Mind was also named best unsigned band in the Feb 2002 issue of Metal Edge Magazine " A Connecticut trio that couples the abrasive vocals and dense chord structure of hardcore with subtle melodic finesse and dynamic percussion" -Roger Lotring (Metal Edge Magazine Feb 2002.

Band members Roman Garbacik (Scar Culture, Mourn Makes Movement, Twelve Gauge Temple), Jason Hobart (Mourn Makes Movement), and John LaCafta (Mourn Makes Movement) have reunited in 2005 and are currently writing the bands 2nd full length scheduled for a 2007 release on Spare Change Records.
Plus One
Out NOW!

1. intro
2. crutch
3. lost
4. wouldn't it be nice
5. sometimes
6. bathroom floor
7. hostile environment
8. uninvited
9. "two days" ep

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